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All of the frequent questions are answered in the videos. Please see the videos.....

How to create an account and verify it? Click Here

How to solve problems in the "Echangerbd" mobile app?  Watch Video

Download  the mobile app - Click Here

How to purchase WebMoney USD with bKash payment?  Watch Video 

How to sell web money? Watch Video

How to buy PayPal dollars? Watch Video

How to sell PayPal dollars? Watch Video

How to buy Perfect Money Dollars? Watch Video

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Yes, your identity is 100% secure with us. we will never share your data or any data with other parties/companies. you and your identity data and currency, everything is secure with us. we promise you that your data is fully secure with us.

When you sign in to Exchangernet.com, you will be prompted to update your identity. If you have trouble verifying your identity, try using the mobile app or watch this video tip. For information


You can use Exchangernet because you usually sign in to your Exchangernet account and accept new user agreements. if you do not verify your identity, the functionality of your Exchangernet account may be limited and your account may be deactivated. We will contact you at that time if your account is going to be restricted.

How to change the login email?


How can I exchange e-currency?

  1.     Register and verify your account.
  2.     Click on the Exchange page and choose the type of currency you want to spend.
  3.      Choose the type of currency that you want to receive.
  4.      Type the amount you want to spend.
  5.      Press the Exchange button.
  6.      Fill in all essential information into the boxes marked with *.
  7.      Complete a payment using the details provided in the order description (Enter Your Transaction ID / Batch )*.
  8.      Enter your payment details then click on confirm.
  9.      Please wait while our operator checks your payment.
  10.      Check real-time status of your order over the Dashboard. Click here

Why do I need to verify my identity?


How can I verify my account?

You can verify your account on this page, But you will have to sign up first. Some of the following documents might be required during the verification process at exchangernet.com Identity Verification:

1. Document verification required

To verify the document, you need to take a selfie (Photo ID) with NID / Driving License / Passport and upload it. (when you are going to take the selfie, must use your mobile phone's back part camera.) 

2. Address verify required

To verify the address you need to upload a scanned copy of - your TIN Certificate / Electricity Bill Or Prepaid Card With a Selfie / Bank statement. If you don't have an electricity bill, what you will do? Don't worry just upload your father or mother's electricity bill scan copy. That bill name must be matched according to your document's father or mother's name.


1.1  You must follow the Webmoney transfer system in accordance with paragraph 3.1

We Offer goods and services that are provided not at the order of an individual or enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer System. We are an independent enterprise providing services and making independent decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises, operating the WebMoney Transfer System, do not receive any fees or other remuneration for participation in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activity.

Accreditation is performed by WebMoney Transfer exclusively to confirm our contact details and verify our identity. It is performed at our will and does not mean that we in any way are connected with the sales conducted by the WebMoney System operators."